The Annual Venture Fair is one of the major efforts by The Hellenic Initiative to bring investment to Greece in this critical economic period. Begun in 2015, the Venture Fair is a unique event in Greece, where discussion about investment is transformed into opportunity to make investment.

Vetted companies are prepared by THI consultants for an “American-style” pitch event that brings together investors from across Greece and the Diaspora. This year, we are focused on opening up the event to even more investors. THI recognizes that empowering entrepreneurs to succeed in Greece is vital to rebuilding the Greek economic base, stimulating job creation, and promoting positive social change.

Greece has the entrepreneurial talent; of this there is no doubt. They just need a fair chance to compete in the global marketplace, and THI is committed to helping them have that opportunity.




Warburg Pincus


Coca Cola Europe





Yannis Alivizatos
Yannis Alivizatos is the COO of Skroutz. Prior to joining Skroutz he worked at Deliveroo, one of the largest food delivery marketplaces globally, as General ...
Aris Candris
Retired President and CEO
Dr. Candris is the retired President and CEO of the Westinghouse Electric Company. During his 37 year career with the company, Dr. Candris held a ...
Alex Fotakidis
Partner & Head of Greece
Alex Fotakidis is a Partner at CVC and Head of Greece. He is based in Athens and responsible for all of CVC’s investment activities in ...
George Hadjigeorgiou
CEO & Co-Founder
George started as a hobby project, having worked for several years as a freelance professional. He always had a soft spot for hardware but ...
Alexis Komselis, Trainer
Alexis Komselis is the Director of AHEAD – Alba Hub for Entrepreneurship and Development, the entrepreneurship center at Alba Graduate Business School, The American College ...
Miltos Kornaros
Miltos has 22 years of experience in the fields of private equity, investment banking and financial and operational restructuring. He is a managing partner and ...
Andrew N. Liveris
Former Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
Andrew N. Liveris AO is the former Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of The Dow Chemical Company and the former Executive Chairman of DowDuPont. As ...
Alex Patelis
Chief Economic Adviser
Alex Patelis is chief economic adviser to Greece's Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis. He has over three decades of experience as an economist, analyst and strategist, ...
Princess Tatiana
International Ambassador
Princess Tatiana has dedicated her career to creating and scaling partnerships. She has spent the last 7 years promoting Greece and bringing global opportunities to ...
Marianna Skylakaki, Moderator
Economist, publisher and CEO of award-winning media company αθηΝΕΑ, whose mission is to be the medium of choice for a new generation of forward-looking, sophisticated ...
George P. Stamas
Senior Partner
George Stamas is a member of the firm’s Mergers and Acquisitions, Global Finance, and Private Equity Practice Groups. Mr. Stamas focuses on public company and ...
Georgios Stassis
Chairman and CEO
Mr. Stassis has more than 14 years of experience in the energy market. He has held important positions in various organizations and associations within the ...




Presented by: Demetri PapazissisWebsite

Superbo is a Conversational AI startup led by executives with over 50 years of combined experience in penetrating underserved markets (the Middle East, Africa, Turkey, Eastern Europe & the Balkans). Our team has been designing and building Enterprise-class Human-Machine Interaction Solutions for two decades. Our platform combines AI, ASR, NLU, Analytics and Voice Biometrics in order to offer Omni-Channel Customer Care. Superbo’s mission is to offer advanced cx-centric technologies and solutions that are heavily focused on the customer journey. We build technologies (e.g. Voicebots, Chatbots) that act as broker between the end user and the clients’ brand and create stickiness by addressing each customer’s needs, making them feel valued, while offering a smooth and seamless conversational journey. Superbo is not just about tech as a sterile positioning, Superbo is about putting our product to the shoes of the end user. And this is how we do it: our vision is to engage the end user of today’s world with our next-generation technology and establish a relationship of trust and respect towards each client’s brand or product.


Presented by: Anna NatsvlishviliWebsite
Morphoses is an activity-based e-learning platform designed to cultivate children's (K12) soft skills and enhance their social-emotional learning, whilst also developing the necessary means for their future with live virtual classes led by top tutors. Children develop skills such as emotional intelligence, communication, curiosity, and time management through engaging activities.


Presented by: Michael KokkinosWebsite

MOPTIL is a high tech company focused on the fields of Culture and Tourism. The company uses the technologies of 3D Virtual Recreations, Augmented (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR), as well as Artificial Intelligence (AI), to design and implement immersive experiences that revive the Cultural Heritage monuments. MOPTIL has developed, under the supervision of renowned archaeologists a platform to create Apps for Archaeological site reconstructions. Based on this platform Moptil has developed a series of mobile VR and AR Apps including 3D digital reconstructions of archaeological sites in Greece and Spain. Moptil’s customers are tourism companies and heritage management organizations. Some of the most important customers of Moptil are the tour operator TUI group, the Acropolis’ museum, COSMOTE, Wind, Benaki museum and many others. The company has implemented dozens of VR and AR projects in Culture and has expand its portfolio in AI. MOPTIL is a member of the incubator Egg of Eurobank, of Elevate Greece start-up platform and has been awarded with the 1st premium of the THI Venture award in 2021.


Presented by: John GionasWebsite

Meazon supplies the technology that Energy Providers will rely upon to build their next-generation services offering. Its platform allows prosumers & buildings to access sophisticated services & data that were previously unavailable due to technological and economic constraints. The company provides product-based solutions to prestigious customers including utilities, telcos and system Integrators. Main customers include among others: E-Redes (Portugal DSO), Lightsource BP (UK), Indra (Spain), TNB (Malaysia), Telia (Estonia), METKA (Greece), OTE (Greece).

In February 2021 the company announced the successful completion of the second phase of its technology evaluation by the US Department of Energy and the General Services Administration. The first phase of the evaluation was completed with the emergence of Meazon as the only company whose technology met the standards of the US Department of Energy for energy metering in buildings. The results of the second phase showed that Meazon technology provides revolutionary features related to the Internet of Things, to be used in buildings for energy saving, preventive maintenance and tenant billing.

The company is currently in the development stage of its next generation Industry 4.0 CPS (Cyber Physical System) product portfolio and platform than can be used to enable new, innovative and cost-efficient services over the cloud, such as energy disaggregation, preventive maintenance, flexibility, V2G and peer-to-peer energy transactions, all of them considered instrumental for the sustainability evolution of our planet.

Meazon is currently looking for a strategic partnership to “unlock” the US market, capitalizing on its successful proof of concept with DOE and GSA.


Presented by: Chris KachrisWebsite

InAccel helps companies to speedup their applications by using adaptive hardware accelerators. It provides a unique framework for seamless utilization of accelerators by high-level framework like Spark, Keras and Jupyter. InAccel is a world-leader in application acceleration using FPGAs in the cloud for applications like genomics, ML, fintech and blockchain.

Specifically, in the blockchain market there is a need for acceleration of Zero-Knowledge Proof applications. Zero Knowledge Proof allows somebody who possesses some information to prove that they possess this information but without revealing anything else whatsoever and is considered in the most emerging applications in Web3 and dApps. InAccel has developed the first end-to-end integration framework for acceleration of ZKP using the power of the FPGAs. It aims to provide a full acceleration platform that will be used by all the ZKP applications.

Feel Therapeutics

Presented by: George EleftheriouWebsite

Feel Therapeutics is developing Digital Biomarkers and Therapeutics to bring objective data and measurement in the way we diagnose, manage and care for Mental Health.
Their digital wellbeing and therapeutic programs for Stress, Depression & Anxiety combine remote monitoring, using a proprietary emotion-sensing wearable device, with digital interventions and tele-health to provide proactive interventions and mental health support 24/7/365.
The company is backed by top tier investors (Felicis, Anthemis, SOSV) and partners with large Pharmaceuticals, Insurers & Employers in the USA and Germany.


Presented by: Vasilis ApostolopoulosWebsite

BibeCoffee, founded in 2018, is an IoT real-time monitoring solution for coffee machines which helps coffee chains and coffee roasters connect any coffee machine or grinder to the cloud. With it's IoT-powered SaaS solution, BibeCoffee helps its clients standardize cup quality, reduce coffee wastage and machine downtime, streamline maintenance and transform business models. The solution and ecosystem are unique in its breadth and depth of assets covered, enabling Coffee Distributors, Makers and Chains to manage large and diverse asset parks and optimize the Return on Capital Employed for their coffee assets. Solution is compatible not only with different brands and models of traditional coffee machines but also with different types of coffee machines like bean to cup and vending. The SaaS technology has been developed from scratch, having developed very valuable IPs on the IoT device hardware and on the platform which are currently being used by many customers around the world.


Presented by: Leon GavalasWebsite

Bespot is unlocking the value of geolocation data and contributes to the digital transformation of the retail experience. Utilizing artificial intelligence and IoT technology, the service offers high-accuracy mobility tracking activity for indoor and outdoor retail venues. It enables applications with personalized location-based content, fraudulent activity detection, and captures trends to improve the customer experience.

Bespot platform utilizes cutting-edge technologies around artificial intelligence, analytics, and the Internet of Things.

Value Proposition:

(Α) World class accuracy to support regulatory requirements for location checks in gambling and media industries

(B) Identify location fraud to prevent monetary loss in smartphone applications (e.g. bonus abuse, commission abuse)

(C) Enable the digital transformation of Retail Venues with indoor location aware services.

(D) Understand Footfall Trends to design targeted marketing initiatives

Currently, the indoor location accuracy service is used in approximately 4.000 retail and betting venues supporting millions of transactions per day and the location insights engine provides data for more than 7.000 venues. During the past year, Bespot’s team has grown ninefold to over 40 experts that currently improve its services and develop new features to support location analytics & compliance needs for more markets.


Presented by: Yiorgos NikoletakisWebsite

100mentors is the upskilling app, where learners assess, develop and certify their soft skills, through mentoring. This way companies, besides upskilling their employees, manage to extract & store tacit knowledge that their employee-mentors develop through experience, and transform it into documented knowledge available and searchable to anyone.

Today only 20% of organizational knowledge is documented, whereas 100mentors partner-companies become powerful learning organizations, ultimately leading their industries, because they a) avoid huge knowledge losses, when employees leave, while they are enhancing retention, and b) tap into a huge 80% of organizational knowledge that remains unutilized in silos.

In 100mentors we started by serving international schools. Since 2020 we started selling to companies. In 2021 we laser-focused on the corporate world and now 100mentors is offered for free to all State schools, in Greece & 4 US states. Today we have paying customers in 13 countries. More precisely, 47 employers, in the likes of McKinsey, PwC, EY, and organizations like the Prince's Charles Trust and academic institutions, like Brown University, build powerful learning communities on 100mentors, while upskilling their students or their employees.

With a YoY growth of +150% in revenues & traction, in 2022 we established our research and sales team in Palo Alto, US, and our machine learning team in Athens to assess & filter the questions and content produced by a thousand app users. In 2022 Q3 we opened 8 positions, as we are setting the team ready for tripling our 2023 traction and yearly revenue.


Presented by: Isidoros SideridisWebsite

Pobuca Experience Cloud is an AI platform that helps brands & retailers to improve Customer Experience, increase Loyalty, customer satisfaction, and advocacy.

We offer turn-key solutions; from consulting services to solution design, after-sales technical support, customization, and marketing managed services.

We empower B2C companies to build direct, personalized relationships with thousands or millions of consumers through technology & data and convert satisfied customers to loyal ones.

We help brands & retailers measure CX, design the right strategy based on KPIs, and then improve it in terms of Loyalty, customer service, and better engagement through personalization.


  • Blueground

    Founded April 2013 in Athens, blueground is a hospitality company that provides business executives and individuals requiring mid to long term accommodation, with beautifully furnished and serviced homes in the most sought-after locations.

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  • Centaur Analytics Inc.

    Centaur Analytics Inc. (Centaur), was founded in 2014 by serial tech entrepreneur Sotiris
    Bantas (previously cofounder and CTO of Helic, acquired by Ansys) and industry veteran
    Vasilis Sotiroudas.

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  • Advantis Medical Imaging

    Advantis Medical Imaging makes medical imaging more accessible, user-friendly and data-driven by merging it with cloud technology in order to make a real impact for healthcare organizations and their patients.

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  • Ergon

    Ergon was born in 2007 as a series of Greek traditional products from all corners of Greece. For the first 4 years, we were focused on building and distributing a strong, unique product portfolio.

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  • B2B Wave

    B2B Wave

    B2B Wave is an innovative B2B ecommerce ordering & catalog solution for wholesale distributors & manufacturers.

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  • Kalepso


    Kalepso aspires to build a world where all confidential data remain as they should be – private.

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  • Natech


    Natech, with strong presence in the areas of financial services and large-scale enterprises, designs – develops and supports integrated IT solutions, aiming at the international market (Banks, Financial Institutions, Microfinance companies, Large enterprises etc.).

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  • Olyra


    Since the 19th century, my family has been milling grains. For five generations, love and dedication to our lands and crops is inherited from one generation to another. Inspired by the Ancient Greeks wisdom, creativity and holistic life approach, I studied their sophisticated diet which was based on wholesome grains.

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  • PD Neurotechnology

    PD Neurotechnology

    Parkinson’s Disease (PD) is affecting close to 12 million people worldwide. The severity of the disease and the impact on a patient’s life highly depend on the optimal timing and dosing of the prescribed therapy, which affects the symptoms, the quality of life, the disease progression and the life longevity of the patient.

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  • Pobuca


    In Pobuca we are creating the next half a billion company that will transform boring CRM software to virtual assistants. We are CRM experts, with the Pobuca suite of 3 cloud products, and we offer turn-key solutions to brands and retailers with software, consulting and integration services.

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  • Quantimetrica


    Quantimetrica is a company based in London with a footprint in San Francisco, Austin, US and Athens, Greece.

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  • Sentio Solutions

    Sentio Solutions

    Sentio Solutions (“Insurance Shaper of the Year” by EXECinsurtech) develops Artificial Emotional Intelligence Feel to change the way we manage Mental Health.

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  • Think Silicon

    Think Silicon

    Think Silicon S.A. is a privately held Semiconductor Intellectual Property (SIP) technology company based and founded in 2007 in Patras (Greece), with a development center in Athens (Greece), WW sales & marketing office in Toronto (Canada) and sales offices in San Jose (CA, North America), Cologne (Germany, EMEA region), Taipei (Taiwan), Tokyo (Japan).

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  • Viral Loops

    Viral Loops

    Viral Loops is a template-based viral and referral-marketing platform helping businesses capture more customers through word-of-mouth sales. People can build referral and ambassador programs and integrate them into their website or mobile app in minutes.

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    AJMmed-i-caps is a medical technology company that aims to provide a low-cost fluorometric ingestible capsule that can screen the small and large intestine for early-stage cancers marked by molecular probes.

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  • BrainBox


    Traditional urban transport systems have significant impact on the environment, on energy consumption and carbon dioxide emissions. Greenhouse gas emissions from urban transport are increasing at a faster rate than any other energy-using sector.

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  • Covve


    Professionals lack the tools to e effectively manage their most valuable asset, their contact network.

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  • Fresh Strips

    Fresh Strips

    According to the CDC: “each year, 1 in 6 Americans gets sick by consuming contaminated foods or beverages”, largely due to consuming badly stored food. Fresh Strips can improve food safety.

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  • InSyBio


    InSyBio ( is a Bioinformatics Company focusing on the computational biomarker discovery for Cancer, Neurodegenerative diseases and Nutrition. Biomarker extraction from biological big data is essential for drug discovery & research acceleration, personalized medicine and nutrition.

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  • ovidVR


    ovidVR is a VC-backed startup aiming to disrupt the healthcare training industry with its innovative Virtual Reality (VR) Surgical Training Solution. ovidVR provides the means for performing operations in VR, thereby facilitating training in a fail-safe environment that very accurately simulates reality and significantly reduces training costs, offering a way to drastically improve operations outcomes.

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  • Roussas


    Roussas Dairy S.A. is built upon a long history of skill and mastery that can be traced back to the family’s nomadic Sarakatsani ancestors.

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  • Tribe Wearables

    Tribe Wearables

    Tribe develops wearable technology that can analyze muscle and motion activity, and provide actionable feedback to help you maximize your exercise benefits and prevent injuries.

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  • Vyra

    Vyra is an e-business company specializing in the tourism sector and the yacht chartering industry in specific, that was launched in February 2016. Its vision is to provide the ideal platform for sailors and holiday goers to easily discover, book, and enjoy a superior experience on water before, during, and after their trip, and at the best perceived value.

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  • Yumbles


    Yumbles ( is the UK’s online marketplace for artisan food and drink. We are committed to making the most delicious, healthy and all-natural food accessible to conscious food eaters across the UK.

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  • Spotawheel


    A year ago, our team embarked on the journey of fixing the used cars market, a long lasting problematic buy sell process dictated by mistrust issues, mispricing practices and quite bad customer experience.

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  • RTsafe P.C.

    RTsafe P.C.

    RTsafe is a medical technology company that has developed a new approach to quality assurance which significantly enhances the safety and accuracy of radiotherapy for cancer and other medical conditions.

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  • Advantis


    Advantis Medical Imaging B.V. ( Advantis ) offers a highly sophisticated, webbased and user friendly post processing and 3D visualization software suite named “Brainance”, for the processing of three different brain MRI exams: Diffusion,Perfusion and Functional MRI.

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  • Blueground


    blueground is a hospitality start-up aspiring to become one of the global leaders in the dynamic Vacation and Corporate Rental (VCR) market. blueground is creating a technology enabled chain of serviced apartments, houses and villas created by transforming existing residential properties.

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  • Accusonus


    Our flagship product is drumatom, the world’s first software for controlling microphone leakage in drum recordings. Microphone leakage (or bleed) occurs when a microphone captures not only the intended sound source but also the nearby sources.

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  • is a breakthrough digital service for the Greek market that helps diners discover new restaurants and make instantly confirmed, online table bookings 24/7. is free, does not require the use of credit card and provides users with exclusive privileges and discounts.

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  • Easyhero


    Easyhero, formerly, connects customer with the right professional for their project. Whether it’s a plumber, photographer, tutor, web programmer or accountant, all the customer has to do is post his request on Easyhero and within a few minutes he can receive up to 5 quotes from qualified professionals.

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  • Centaur Technologies

    Centaur Technologies

    Centaur Technologies is a pioneer in IoT solutions for post-harvest product protection. We offer a cloud-based IoT & data analytics solution addressing Intelligent Pest Management ‘apps’ for the food/agro industry.

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  • Yolenis


    Yoleni’s is the leading Greek online delicatessen shop in the European and the US markets, very soon to expand onto more global markets.

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  • Pockee


    Pockee is a mobile coupon & loyalty platform for grocery store brands and supermarkets.

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  • Fieldscale


    Fieldscale’s cutting-edge simulation technology will empower engineers to explore new and improved applications in almost every aspect of human life, from the manufacturing and education to the medical industry and beyond.

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  • ERGON Foods

    ERGON Foods

    Ergon was born in 2007 as a series of Greek traditional products from all corners of Greece. For the first 4 years, we were focused on building and distributing a strong, unique product portfolio.

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  • Zoottle


    Zoottle is the leading social infrastructure platform. We solve the four primary problems hotels face today by converting their WiFi liability into a sales and marketing asset.

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  • MCOM


    MCOM Media Communications is one of the leading IT solution providers for the hospitality industry with a suite of products that have applications in the cruise ship, healthcare, transportation and other industries.

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  • Heliix


    Heliix enables companies and individuals to increase performance of existing infrastructure by providi ng state-of-the-art waste heat recovery units, which convert low grade thermal energy to useful electricity.

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  • JoinCargo


    JoinCargo is an online transport platform connecting businesses
    with cargo carriers.

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  • Velo Lab O.E

    Velo Lab O.E

    Velo Lab designs and manufactures bicycles. Since 2012, and after extensive R&D, Velo Lab has developed a uniquely designed urban folding bicycle, under the brand name Folding Project

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  • Salty Bag P.C

    Salty Bag P.C

    Salty bag makes hand crafted travel goods by upcycling decommissioned sails into elegantly designed, reusable fashion accessories. Salty bag’s hand crafted bags(high priced, increasingly

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  • Terra Creta SA

    Terra Creta SA

    Terra Creta has managed to place itself among the most premium olive oil producers in the world. Unlike most of the olive oil

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  • ParkAround


    Park around helps drivers entering a city find cheap parking quickly, while allowing car parks to offer deals and simplify booking.

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  • Bunkering at Sea (BAS) Ltd

    Bunkering at Sea (BAS) Ltd

    Bunkering at Sea (BAS) has created a platform that protects the interests of all stakeholders and enables the integration of a fast

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  • e-satisfaction


    E-satisfaction has been created to bridge the gap between the online business and the online consumer. Starting from e-commerce, the e-satisfaction platform has been designed and developed to reconnect users and businesses in the online world.

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  • e-NIOS


    e-NIOS is a spin-off company which emerged from the research activities of the Group of Bioinformatics and Metabolic Engineering of the National Hellenic Research Foundation (NHRF) in the
    areas of Bioinformatics and In Silico Systems Biology.

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  • Yodiwo


    Yodiwo’s wi-Cloud is a cloud service platform for the Internet of Things which further abstracts the concepts of “Things” to include
    existing applications

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  • WYZZE S.P.E.

    WYZZE S.P.E.

    WYZZE is a technology company that takes advantage of Apples iBeacon technology and provides a turnkey solution to Digital Marketing and Developers community, under the brand of MiiPharos.

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  • Goodvidio


    Goodvidio offers retailers a simple and powerful Software as a
    Service (SaaS) solution to leverage the best social video content inside their product pages and optimize customer experience.

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  • iKnowHow SA

    iKnowHow SA

    iKnowHow SA is a high-tech company, focusing on the design and development of products and services in the field of Enterprise
    Cloud SW Applications.

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  • Owiwi


    Owiwi has developed an interactive assessment tool, utilized by hiring managers during the recruitment and selection process.

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  • Incrediblue SMPC

    Incrediblue SMPC

    Incrediblue is an award winning, online platform for unforgettable boating holidays.

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  • Elizabeth Daravelis & Co Beautylab

    Elizabeth Daravelis & Co Beautylab

    Beautylab will capitalize on the new EU Cosmetic Regulation 1223/09. This law has obliged cosmetic manufacturers to prove their cosmetic claims.

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  • Econais AE

    Econais AE

    Econais designs and manufactures easy to use Wi-Fi module solutions that provide connectivity to network agnostic electronic devices.

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“RTsafe, during its early days, had the privilege to participate at the first Venture Fair event in Athens. The opportunity to share our social and financial vision to high-end business professionals and investors was invaluable.”

Evangelos Pappas

Founder and CEO, RTsafe

“Thanks to this support, numerous cancer patients from Australia to Singapore and from Europe to USA and S. America, are experiencing a mush safer and efficient cancer treatment thanks to the FDA cleared RTsafe personalized cancer care services.”

Evangelos Pappas

Founder and CEO, RTsafe

“Since then, the ongoing mentoring and advising services from THI professionals and the seed capital gained from angel investors, truly empowered – and still keep doing so – the successful implementation of our vision.”

Evangelos Pappas

Founder and CEO, RTsafe