Venture Fair 2022


The Annual Venture Fair is one of the major efforts by The Hellenic Initiative to bring investment to Greece in this critical economic period. Begun in 2015, the Venture Fair is a unique event in Greece, where discussion about investment is transformed into opportunity to make investment.

Vetted companies are prepared by THI consultants for an “American-style” pitch event that brings together investors from across Greece and the Diaspora. This year, we are focused on opening up the event to even more investors. THI recognizes that empowering entrepreneurs to succeed in Greece is vital to rebuilding the Greek economic base, stimulating job creation, and promoting positive social change.

Greece has the entrepreneurial talent; of this there is no doubt. They just need a fair chance to compete in the global marketplace, and THI is committed to helping them have that opportunity.

“RTsafe, during its early days, had the privilege to participate at the first Venture Fair event in Athens. The opportunity to share our social and financial vision to high-end business professionals and investors was invaluable.”

Evangelos Pappas

Founder and CEO, RTsafe

“Thanks to this support, numerous cancer patients from Australia to Singapore and from Europe to USA and S. America, are experiencing a mush safer and efficient cancer treatment thanks to the FDA cleared RTsafe personalized cancer care services.”

Evangelos Pappas

Founder and CEO, RTsafe

“Since then, the ongoing mentoring and advising services from THI professionals and the seed capital gained from angel investors, truly empowered – and still keep doing so – the successful implementation of our vision.”

Evangelos Pappas

Founder and CEO, RTsafe

2020 PANEL

Evi Andrianou
Evi Andrianou has 20 years of experience in the private equity, investment banking and financial advisory space in Greece. She is the Managing Partner and ...
Aris Candris
Retired President and CEO
Dr. Candris is the retired President and CEO of the Westinghouse Electric Company. During his 37 year career with the company, Dr. Candris held a ...
Christina Crosby
Managing Partner
Christina is the managing partner of London based Astir Capital Advisors where she’s mainly in charge of illiquid investments.  Astir acts as placement agent for ...
Kurt Heiar
Kurt Heiar is an accomplished corporate executive, serial entrepreneur, and university instructor. Kurt has been the President & CEO of multiple early stage companies for John Pappajohn, and served ...
Panos Katsambas
Panos is a partner in the Firm’s Financial Industry Group. Currently based in Reed Smith’s London office, Panos had a diverse practice advising U.S. and ...
Constantine Karides
Investment Counselor
Constantine counsels investment funds, family offices and companies in a wide range of matters including private equity investments, acquisitions, restructurings, credit opportunities and corporate governance.  ...
Cleo Lymberis
Investor Relations Director
Cleo made a life-change to move back to Greece in 2001, after growing up in the US since 1986, where she had started her professional ...
Nicholas Papapolitis
Managing Partner
Nicholas is a fourth generation attorney at leading law firm, Papapolitis & Papapolitis. A recognized expert in alternative investments across the capital structure, Nicholas splits ...
Peter Polydor
Peter has built successful companies in web services, finance and real estate. He is the Founder and President of Ergo Holdings, a privately-held group of ...
Alexis is the Director at the Alba Hub for Entrepreneurship and Development (AHEAD), the hub that brings together all activities dedicated to entrepreneurship at Alba ...



Presented by: Maria MageenaWebsite

Xtapod is disrupting the outsourced technical team model by applying business process outsourcing “as a service” principles to an industry that doesn’t serve today’s markets well.  We’ve spent 20 years refining a highly successful distributed development model and are building the infrastructure that ensures our customers can achieve consistent progress against their development objectives without making costly capital investments.  By selling the platform of US-based leadership and customer success combined with Athens-based technical talent as an integrated service, we can focus on delivering continuous satisfaction. This will lead to retention rates at least twice as long as the industry norm (4+ years vs. 2), resulting in long-term successful relationships. Our customers don’t spend their capital on fixed technical assets, they lease them from us.

THE PROBLEM:  Technical talent is scarce, but outsourcing is a headache

  • US Engineering talent is expensive, scarce and fickle. The average US full-stack engineer salary is $115K (Glassdoor); and worse, yet typical, technical talent retention is one year +/- depending on location (LinkedIn Talent Blog).
  • Statement-of-work based contracting is standard in the outsourcing industry and is inconsistent with agile continuous-delivery development methodologies which are required to ensure customer satisfaction and retention in the as-a-service world, leading many companies to abandon or devalue outsourcing as a reliable solution.

OUR SOLUTION:  Xtapod is an Agile-as-a-Service outsourcer

  • We build bespoke agile pods that give our customers the ability to pursue market opportunities and better serve their existing customers without making expensive capital investments.
  • We provide technical, product management, and agile process leadership on a daily basis to ensure our pods integrate into our customers’ development cultures and are accretive to their objectives.
  • We contract our service platform quarterly with no long-term obligations, ensuring that our focus is on our customers’ continuous satisfaction.


Presented by: Vasilis StenosWebsite

Humanity needs more Protein due to:

  • Overpopulation
  • Arable land’s scarcity
  • Livestock revolution

Solmeyea is an AgTech company aiming at a large scale algal-based premium Protein production of Animal Feed Supplements for the Livestock Farming.

Solmeyea’s (animal feed) end product comprised of algal protein:

  • needs less land
  • less water / ton of protein produced
  • comes from a transparent & safe production process
  • has no GMO components
  • is sustainable
  • utilizes the CO2
  • has a significantly smaller carbon footprint
  • includes Omega-3, lipids and no dietary factors impacting positively animals’ welfare
  • is price/cost consistent compared to soy’s commodity price volatility

Solmeyea’s unique process utilizes the ambient air & the captured CO2 to boost our algae cultivation process and increases the protein conversion rate by a factor of 7

Solmeyea integrates with fossil fuel power plants, utilizes the captured CO2 and increases the capacity efficiency by at least 25%, helping Livestock farming Entities solve the upcoming price volatility and shortage of feed problems that are due to overpopulation, the livestock revolution, and arable land scarcity. Somelyea significantly increases production, achieving a better protein conversion ratio, and reduces the Carbon footprint by 85%.

Solmeyea, with its unique process of ambient air utilization, acts proactively and tackles in a supplementary way the feeding issues on earth as they will arise in oncoming years by focusing on Aquaculture and Fisheries first, projecting to further scale up & grow by entering the poultry and cattle Feed Supplements Markets, and those of the rest of the ruminants.

Quanta and Qualia

Presented by: Greg AgriopoulosWebsite

The vision of the company is to lead the technology field by "bridging the visible and the invisible"through its products.

The moto of our innovative product (MaGOS) is “Technology in your hands”

Our high-end goal is to realize this effort as a beacon of hope and a great example to follow
for our Hellenic society.


Q&Q has aninterdisciplinary team of professionals with complementary backgrounds in H/W and S/W, development, design thinking, finance, project management, contract management, marketing and communications, and people-team management in large companies and in complex projects in several industry sectors.

A robust team structure has been established, that has worked together for a substantial time period (more than two years) and thus is able to collaborate efficiently and effectively.

The team includes people with a common “big dream”:  to achieve something particularly important and innovative in the global technological realm and the traction so far demonstrates our momentum.

PD Neurotechnology

Presented by: Anastasios ManosWebsite

PD Neurotechnology is a medical device company founded in 2015 by a team of experts in the field of Parkinson's disease (PD) and patient monitoring systems. Our team is developing an innovative medical device and a sophisticated expert system (mobile application). The company has already been certified with ISO 9001:2015, ISO 27001:2013 and ISO 13485:2016. 

PDMonitor supports physicians in monitoring and treating patients suffering from Parkinson's disease. The PDMonitor is an ecosystem for monitoring PD Patient symptoms either in hospital or at home. It consists of 5 lightweight monitoring devices (MDs) that patients wear on different body parts. The PDMonitor SmartBox and Cloud incorporate state of the art algorithms to evaluate the main PD motor symptoms while patients freely perform ordinary daily activity wearing the devices. Based on those symptoms and complementary information from the PDMonitor Patient Mobile app, physicians can use the PDMonitor Physician Tool to have a comprehensive view of PD related symptoms and modify therapy accordingly.

We have completed the Medical CE Marking Class IIA audit, including our wholly owned production and logistics facilities, expecting the accreditation by DQS MED within June and to be in position to start sales immediately afterwards. Our medical device is able to monitor ALL symptoms of the disease, literally thrilling Medical Doctors and leading KOLs, and we currently have sales or presales agreements and expressions of interest with Major pharma players, in Europe, and major University hospitals for using PDMonitor in their trials pipeline and research projects in order to display objective measurements.

We have raised 1.2MM Euros so far, and are currently looking for 6.5M€, for the next 4 years to: a) launch PDMonitor, b) perform additional clinical studies to prove efficacy improvement, c) expand into holistic disease management, d) obtain FDA approval for U.S. entry, and e) to expand into Multiple Sclerosis through gait monitoring.


Presented by: Theo TheoharisWebsite

MassiveGRID provides Assurance to companies, which rely heavily on IT infrastructures for their operations, through reliable and secure Public and Private High Availability Infrastructures. Increasing numbers of specialized companies, companies with critical operations and sensitive data and SMEs, seek premium, customized cloud services, which cannot be met by the current mass market providers. We offer premium end-to-end fully guaranteed and fully secured cloud hosting services to entities looking for a “private banking” type treatment.

We are unique and innovative because our Solution combines High Availability Architecture in Equinix Datacenters, Top Level Security Technologies, Full Customization Capacity, and Streamlined, Scalable and Platform Agnostic Infrastructure. We have great expertise in all SaaS, PaaS and IaaS (including Security and Secure Products), we guarantee 7+ nines Uptime and 100% Uptime SLA, we support 24x7 including proactive monitoring, and offer great price-to-value.

We own our infrastructures and IPs.  We are a Greek venture, already international, with our R&D and operations team of 15 based in Athens. We are poised to more than double our growth annually, with 95% of our revenue currently originating in the U.S. and outside Greece. Our three partners combine 70+ years of experience in computer science, electronic and computer engineering, business and finance. Weaddress a growing dynamic global market – the Cloud and its premium niche. This market can support our business plan and growth.

We are uniquely positioned to provide other Greek businesses with infrastructures, which are mandatory for those seeking international reach. MassiveGRID opts to become the global upscale cloud service provider par excellence, supporting our services with our own technologies and infrastructures for the purpose of constantly innovating and vertically integrating.


Presented by: Vivian ParaschouWebsite

INOMO is a Greek Luxury Brand offering design and construction solutions to architects and hoteliers in the luxury hospitality and entertainment markets. More specifically, the INOMO team is dedicated to the design and construction of high-end innovative furniture made from fiberglass (GRP) and offer smart design solutions out of the ordinary.

INOMO's heart and soul is the holistic approach to realizing furniture ideas. Vivian, founder of INOMO, born and raised in the high performance GRP construction industry, was inspired by the limitless possibilities of GRP and founded INOMO to bring proven marine materials and techniques to the design and construction industry in order to solve the great challenges that the sector faces. GRP is an aesthetically pleasing, durable, and sustainable material that has been touted as the lumber of the future. As typical materials such as corian, wood, and metal are not flexible or low cost-maintained enough, INOMO saw an opportunity to apply this material to the design sector. Our unique Brand DNA is the combination of Innovative Design, Sustainable Material, and Custom Experience. INOMO, through the two production channels (collection and custom- made designs), serves primarily the luxury high-end hotel and hospitality industries. Within five years INOMO aims to be a global key hotel furniture supplier and to build an integral design brand when it comes to high-end architectural, sculptural and industrial designs.


Presented by: Nikolaos SkarlatosWebsite

Excelon is a fin-tech start up, founded in London in July 2018.

Excelon is the friendly, fair, and open banking experience for the digital native. It offers complete financial freedom at your fingertips by uniquely integrating traditional money and crypto in a simple, feature rich, and competitively-priced environment.

We have grown rapidly by creating two subsidiaries. In Sofia, Bulgaria, we have the e-money operations regulated under the FCA, and in Tallinn, Estonia, the Crypto exchange and wallet are regulated by the Ministry of Economic Affairs. The operating office is based in Athens, Greece.

The mobile application is live since May, offering currently full functionality for the e-money operations. Users, by downloading the app and passing a simple KYC procedure, get instant access to a Euro wallet with an IBAN account. At the same time they can also order a virtual or physical MasterCard.

With the integration of our legacy GENE wallet this month, we are confident the complete solution will be available soon, targeting among others not only the unbanked and the disgruntled banked, but also the crypto enthusiasts and crypto-beginners.

We are currently fundraising with a view to implementing our marketing strategies. Further down the line, we aim at acquiring our own e-money license (EMI) in order to provide the most competitive pricing and eventually to establish Excelon as a challenger bank within the next 2-3 years.

Additional services like personal finance management (PFM), open banking aggregator, small loans, and investment perks combined with AI are on our development roadmap.

The banking sector is ripe for disruption and we aim to do exactly that by offering a banking service on your mobile phone free from the abusive behaviour, charges, and hassles of today’s traditional banks while providing at the same time a legitimate, regulated, and simple gateway for crypto.


Presented by: George ZachartzisWebsite

Deliverback solves the problem of delivering lost & found items for the hospitality industry. Our solution is fully automated, easy to use, and streamlines operations between the hotel, the guest, and the courier service. Our vision is to eliminate the disappointment a lost item creates to its owners while travelling. Our mission is to empower hotels by providing easy access to an online tool that can handle the delivery of a lost item anywhere in the world, effortlessly, safely, and efficiently, while creating a positive guest experience and with zero cost to the hotel.

Our value proposition is that we help hotels stay focused on their core business by saving the time of hotel personnel while providing the guest with peace of mind. We transfer the cost of delivering the item back to the guest, while everything is done in a GDPR compliant way.

Deliverback launched in Summer 2018 in Greece and is already working with more than 150 hotels. It has managed more than 650 orders and last June launched version 2.0, setting the stage for international expansion.

On any given day 8 million travelers will check out of a hotel and on average, 48,000 of them will forget something. 16,000 of those forgotten items will be claimed and delivered back at a cost of more than $1 million daily.

People travel. And when they do, they forget stuff. According to research, 12,000 laptops are lost weekly in U.S. airports, 120,000 mobile phones are forgotten each year in taxis in Chicago alone, and 46 million items are left behind in U.S. hotels each year. When we move, we lose.

Deliverback saves, for hotels and guests.

Centaur Analytics

Presented by: Dr. Sotiris BantasWebsite

Centaur Analytics Inc., founded in 2016, is passionate about perfecting global food quality, enabling abundance, and reducing waste. Led by world-class experts and entrepreneurs in the fields of electronics, agronomy, and artificial intelligence, Centaur delivers its award-winning, innovative Internet-of-Things (IoT) technology and advanced analytics which underpins its Internet-of-Crops™ platform to transform the traditional supply chain into a state-of-the-art, trusted quality chain.


Presented by: Jos DirkxWebsite

Our AI infused personalized platforms help track productivity and positivity, while inspiring students to learn in a way that works best for them. We aim to change education in a radical way – bringing mindset and mindfulness to the forefront of learning. Outdated curricula need to change – and Beenova harnesses the power of AI to teach 21st century skills, making every moment a learning moment. Through our Phenomenon based learning approach, we use real-life, impact-based learning scenarios to help shape powerful solutions to the world's biggest problems.

Our AI infused learning solution builds personalized life-long learning journeys for each student, by leveraging dynamic content in order to seamlessly close education gaps and to strengthen the relationship between the student, the teacher, the parents, and the community at large. We aim to build healthier minds, to fuel curiosity, creativity and critical thinking, and to build a safe space for growth. We focus on teaching and measuring skills of the future, so students can be their absolute best. 

Our AI algorithms predict, teach, and tailor the skills we need to build a productive world, making Beenova AI the OS for Human Capital Development. How? 

We use NLP and other structured interactions with users to build an understanding of the student’s personality and emotional state. We track energy, consciousness, and engagement and how we turn up. We track our future of exponential impact. With a provisional patent on AI and EI, algorithms built on proprietary data, an incredibly strong global network, and a unique skill combination, we’re here to change the Future of Learning. Through our integrated platform, with cognitive AI that works in more than 100 languages at varying degrees, and our approach to content – we are working on a global scale. 


Presented by: Nikos RoumeliotisWebsite

APICEUTICALS™ revolutionizes the Skincare Industry by providing the World’s First Scientifically Patented Holistic Bee-Care Brand. APICEUTICALS™ technology uses a unique "incorporation method" that naturally allows the continuous transfer of large amounts of antioxidants to the cosmetic formulation and therefore to the skin.

Antioxidants protect skin by neutralizing free radicals, which are mainly caused by external environmental stressors (e.g. UVR exposure, air-pollution, smog, etc.). Free radicals damage skin cells and eventually cause skin-aging. APICEUTICALS™ patented formulations provide truly ANTIOXIDANT – ANTIPOLLUTION – ANTIAGING skin benefits due to the optimal usage of the purest organic bee ingredients. The products are more than an exciting expression of scientific innovation as they create a highly engaging visual impact that triggers consumers’ interest. Innovation is the core element of what we are doing across all functions, including NPD, Science, Industrial Design, Packaging and overall Communication.

APICEUTICALS™ is the dermocosmetic evolution of our Certified Organic Bee-Keeping Company “ARKADIKO MELI”. Since 1981, our family has been ethically implementing sustainable beekeeping practices, respecting the environment and the ecosystem that we and our pollinators live in. Like bees, we have been constantly evolving and in 2019 we fulfill our vision to enter the cosmetic industry with cutting-edge technology stemming from 3 years of thorough research, our life-long scientific knowledge in beekeeping, and many years of international experience in Top100 Companies.

Founders and Patent Inventors: Billy Roumeliotis, Nikos Roumeliotis


  • Blueground

    Founded April 2013 in Athens, blueground is a hospitality company that provides business executives and individuals requiring mid to long term accommodation, with beautifully furnished and serviced homes in the most sought-after locations.

    read more
  • Centaur Analytics Inc.

    Centaur Analytics Inc. (Centaur), was founded in 2014 by serial tech entrepreneur Sotiris
    Bantas (previously cofounder and CTO of Helic, acquired by Ansys) and industry veteran
    Vasilis Sotiroudas.

    read more
  • Advantis Medical Imaging

    Advantis Medical Imaging makes medical imaging more accessible, user-friendly and data-driven by merging it with cloud technology in order to make a real impact for healthcare organizations and their patients.

    read more
  • Ergon

    Ergon was born in 2007 as a series of Greek traditional products from all corners of Greece. For the first 4 years, we were focused on building and distributing a strong, unique product portfolio.

    read more


  • B2B Wave

    B2B Wave

    B2B Wave is an innovative B2B ecommerce ordering & catalog solution for wholesale distributors & manufacturers.

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  • Kalepso


    Kalepso aspires to build a world where all confidential data remain as they should be – private.

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  • Natech


    Natech, with strong presence in the areas of financial services and large-scale enterprises, designs – develops and supports integrated IT solutions, aiming at the international market (Banks, Financial Institutions, Microfinance companies, Large enterprises etc.).

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  • Olyra


    Since the 19th century, my family has been milling grains. For five generations, love and dedication to our lands and crops is inherited from one generation to another. Inspired by the Ancient Greeks wisdom, creativity and holistic life approach, I studied their sophisticated diet which was based on wholesome grains.

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  • PD Neurotechnology

    PD Neurotechnology

    Parkinson’s Disease (PD) is affecting close to 12 million people worldwide. The severity of the disease and the impact on a patient’s life highly depend on the optimal timing and dosing of the prescribed therapy, which affects the symptoms, the quality of life, the disease progression and the life longevity of the patient.

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  • Pobuca


    In Pobuca we are creating the next half a billion company that will transform boring CRM software to virtual assistants. We are CRM experts, with the Pobuca suite of 3 cloud products, and we offer turn-key solutions to brands and retailers with software, consulting and integration services.

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  • Quantimetrica


    Quantimetrica is a company based in London with a footprint in San Francisco, Austin, US and Athens, Greece.

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  • Sentio Solutions

    Sentio Solutions

    Sentio Solutions (“Insurance Shaper of the Year” by EXECinsurtech) develops Artificial Emotional Intelligence Feel to change the way we manage Mental Health.

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  • Think Silicon

    Think Silicon

    Think Silicon S.A. is a privately held Semiconductor Intellectual Property (SIP) technology company based and founded in 2007 in Patras (Greece), with a development center in Athens (Greece), WW sales & marketing office in Toronto (Canada) and sales offices in San Jose (CA, North America), Cologne (Germany, EMEA region), Taipei (Taiwan), Tokyo (Japan).

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  • Viral Loops

    Viral Loops

    Viral Loops is a template-based viral and referral-marketing platform helping businesses capture more customers through word-of-mouth sales. People can build referral and ambassador programs and integrate them into their website or mobile app in minutes.

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    AJMmed-i-caps is a medical technology company that aims to provide a low-cost fluorometric ingestible capsule that can screen the small and large intestine for early-stage cancers marked by molecular probes.

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  • BrainBox


    Traditional urban transport systems have significant impact on the environment, on energy consumption and carbon dioxide emissions. Greenhouse gas emissions from urban transport are increasing at a faster rate than any other energy-using sector.

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  • Covve


    Professionals lack the tools to e effectively manage their most valuable asset, their contact network.

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  • Fresh Strips

    Fresh Strips

    According to the CDC: “each year, 1 in 6 Americans gets sick by consuming contaminated foods or beverages”, largely due to consuming badly stored food. Fresh Strips can improve food safety.

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  • InSyBio


    InSyBio ( is a Bioinformatics Company focusing on the computational biomarker discovery for Cancer, Neurodegenerative diseases and Nutrition. Biomarker extraction from biological big data is essential for drug discovery & research acceleration, personalized medicine and nutrition.

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  • ovidVR


    ovidVR is a VC-backed startup aiming to disrupt the healthcare training industry with its innovative Virtual Reality (VR) Surgical Training Solution. ovidVR provides the means for performing operations in VR, thereby facilitating training in a fail-safe environment that very accurately simulates reality and significantly reduces training costs, offering a way to drastically improve operations outcomes.

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  • Roussas


    Roussas Dairy S.A. is built upon a long history of skill and mastery that can be traced back to the family’s nomadic Sarakatsani ancestors.

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  • Tribe Wearables

    Tribe Wearables

    Tribe develops wearable technology that can analyze muscle and motion activity, and provide actionable feedback to help you maximize your exercise benefits and prevent injuries.

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  • Vyra

    Vyra is an e-business company specializing in the tourism sector and the yacht chartering industry in specific, that was launched in February 2016. Its vision is to provide the ideal platform for sailors and holiday goers to easily discover, book, and enjoy a superior experience on water before, during, and after their trip, and at the best perceived value.

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  • Yumbles


    Yumbles ( is the UK’s online marketplace for artisan food and drink. We are committed to making the most delicious, healthy and all-natural food accessible to conscious food eaters across the UK.

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  • Spotawheel


    A year ago, our team embarked on the journey of fixing the used cars market, a long lasting problematic buy sell process dictated by mistrust issues, mispricing practices and quite bad customer experience.

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  • RTsafe P.C.

    RTsafe P.C.

    RTsafe is a medical technology company that has developed a new approach to quality assurance which significantly enhances the safety and accuracy of radiotherapy for cancer and other medical conditions.

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  • Advantis


    Advantis Medical Imaging B.V. ( Advantis ) offers a highly sophisticated, webbased and user friendly post processing and 3D visualization software suite named “Brainance”, for the processing of three different brain MRI exams: Diffusion,Perfusion and Functional MRI.

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  • Blueground


    blueground is a hospitality start-up aspiring to become one of the global leaders in the dynamic Vacation and Corporate Rental (VCR) market. blueground is creating a technology enabled chain of serviced apartments, houses and villas created by transforming existing residential properties.

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  • Accusonus


    Our flagship product is drumatom, the world’s first software for controlling microphone leakage in drum recordings. Microphone leakage (or bleed) occurs when a microphone captures not only the intended sound source but also the nearby sources.

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  • is a breakthrough digital service for the Greek market that helps diners discover new restaurants and make instantly confirmed, online table bookings 24/7. is free, does not require the use of credit card and provides users with exclusive privileges and discounts.

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  • Easyhero


    Easyhero, formerly, connects customer with the right professional for their project. Whether it’s a plumber, photographer, tutor, web programmer or accountant, all the customer has to do is post his request on Easyhero and within a few minutes he can receive up to 5 quotes from qualified professionals.

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  • Centaur Technologies

    Centaur Technologies

    Centaur Technologies is a pioneer in IoT solutions for post-harvest product protection. We offer a cloud-based IoT & data analytics solution addressing Intelligent Pest Management ‘apps’ for the food/agro industry.

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  • Yolenis


    Yoleni’s is the leading Greek online delicatessen shop in the European and the US markets, very soon to expand onto more global markets.

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  • Pockee


    Pockee is a mobile coupon & loyalty platform for grocery store brands and supermarkets.

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  • Fieldscale


    Fieldscale’s cutting-edge simulation technology will empower engineers to explore new and improved applications in almost every aspect of human life, from the manufacturing and education to the medical industry and beyond.

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  • ERGON Foods

    ERGON Foods

    Ergon was born in 2007 as a series of Greek traditional products from all corners of Greece. For the first 4 years, we were focused on building and distributing a strong, unique product portfolio.

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  • Zoottle


    Zoottle is the leading social infrastructure platform. We solve the four primary problems hotels face today by converting their WiFi liability into a sales and marketing asset.

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  • MCOM


    MCOM Media Communications is one of the leading IT solution providers for the hospitality industry with a suite of products that have applications in the cruise ship, healthcare, transportation and other industries.

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  • Heliix


    Heliix enables companies and individuals to increase performance of existing infrastructure by providi ng state-of-the-art waste heat recovery units, which convert low grade thermal energy to useful electricity.

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  • JoinCargo


    JoinCargo is an online transport platform connecting businesses
    with cargo carriers.

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  • Velo Lab O.E

    Velo Lab O.E

    Velo Lab designs and manufactures bicycles. Since 2012, and after extensive R&D, Velo Lab has developed a uniquely designed urban folding bicycle, under the brand name Folding Project

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  • Salty Bag P.C

    Salty Bag P.C

    Salty bag makes hand crafted travel goods by upcycling decommissioned sails into elegantly designed, reusable fashion accessories. Salty bag’s hand crafted bags(high priced, increasingly

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  • Terra Creta SA

    Terra Creta SA

    Terra Creta has managed to place itself among the most premium olive oil producers in the world. Unlike most of the olive oil

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  • ParkAround


    Park around helps drivers entering a city find cheap parking quickly, while allowing car parks to offer deals and simplify booking.

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  • Bunkering at Sea (BAS) Ltd

    Bunkering at Sea (BAS) Ltd

    Bunkering at Sea (BAS) has created a platform that protects the interests of all stakeholders and enables the integration of a fast

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  • e-satisfaction


    E-satisfaction has been created to bridge the gap between the online business and the online consumer. Starting from e-commerce, the e-satisfaction platform has been designed and developed to reconnect users and businesses in the online world.

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  • e-NIOS


    e-NIOS is a spin-off company which emerged from the research activities of the Group of Bioinformatics and Metabolic Engineering of the National Hellenic Research Foundation (NHRF) in the
    areas of Bioinformatics and In Silico Systems Biology.

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  • Yodiwo


    Yodiwo’s wi-Cloud is a cloud service platform for the Internet of Things which further abstracts the concepts of “Things” to include
    existing applications

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  • WYZZE S.P.E.

    WYZZE S.P.E.

    WYZZE is a technology company that takes advantage of Apples iBeacon technology and provides a turnkey solution to Digital Marketing and Developers community, under the brand of MiiPharos.

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  • Goodvidio


    Goodvidio offers retailers a simple and powerful Software as a
    Service (SaaS) solution to leverage the best social video content inside their product pages and optimize customer experience.

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  • iKnowHow SA

    iKnowHow SA

    iKnowHow SA is a high-tech company, focusing on the design and development of products and services in the field of Enterprise
    Cloud SW Applications.

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  • Owiwi


    Owiwi has developed an interactive assessment tool, utilized by hiring managers during the recruitment and selection process.

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  • Incrediblue SMPC

    Incrediblue SMPC

    Incrediblue is an award winning, online platform for unforgettable boating holidays.

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  • Elizabeth Daravelis & Co Beautylab

    Elizabeth Daravelis & Co Beautylab

    Beautylab will capitalize on the new EU Cosmetic Regulation 1223/09. This law has obliged cosmetic manufacturers to prove their cosmetic claims.

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  • Econais AE

    Econais AE

    Econais designs and manufactures easy to use Wi-Fi module solutions that provide connectivity to network agnostic electronic devices.

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