JUNE 6, 2023

Deliverback solves the problem of delivering lost & found items for the hospitality industry. Our solution is fully automated, easy to use, and streamlines operations between the hotel, the guest, and the courier service. Our vision is to eliminate the disappointment a lost item creates to its owners while travelling. Our mission is to empower hotels by providing easy access to an online tool that can handle the delivery of a lost item anywhere in the world, effortlessly, safely, and efficiently, while creating a positive guest experience and with zero cost to the hotel.

Our value proposition is that we help hotels stay focused on their core business by saving the time of hotel personnel while providing the guest with peace of mind. We transfer the cost of delivering the item back to the guest, while everything is done in a GDPR compliant way.

Deliverback launched in Summer 2018 in Greece and is already working with more than 150 hotels. It has managed more than 650 orders and last June launched version 2.0, setting the stage for international expansion.

On any given day 8 million travelers will check out of a hotel and on average, 48,000 of them will forget something. 16,000 of those forgotten items will be claimed and delivered back at a cost of more than $1 million daily.

People travel. And when they do, they forget stuff. According to research, 12,000 laptops are lost weekly in U.S. airports, 120,000 mobile phones are forgotten each year in taxis in Chicago alone, and 46 million items are left behind in U.S. hotels each year. When we move, we lose.

Deliverback saves, for hotels and guests.